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Established in 2010, My Inbox Media is a leading MNC that offers IT and telecommunication solutions to over 25000 business users globally with the help of its 9 offices located in various continents. We ensure that we maintain a diversified culture of more than 100 employees worldwide. Our client’s needs are at the epi-centre of everything that we do. We ensure that we curate bespoke strategies that would suit our clients’ needs and fulfil their requirement.

As a leading IT and marketing solutions provider, we strongly believe in curating solutions around actionable data. Our expert team of marketers, designers and developers enables us to produce exceptional results that are focused towards your business requirements.

We strive to work relentlessly towards our customer’s goals to make them a leader in their industry. Our team is driven by strong work ethic and the commitment to deliver exceptional as well as industry defining solutions.

We are armed with subject matter experts from various industries that will help you amplify your growth in a cost-effective manner without compromising on the technical and creative aspects. With our strong values and clearly defined policies, we ensure that our customer data is secure and confidential.

Our aim is to help customers elevate their customer’s experience as well as acquire new business.


MiM’s mission is to offer bespoke automated communication solutions to our clients. We intend to curate service offerings that would elevate customer engagement whilst redefining your marketing campaigns. It is our constant endeavour to reinvent ourselves in order to device state of the art solutions on top of traditional marketing tools.


Our vision is to device a future ready digital ecosystem by offering original communication solutions. We foresee a digital world which flourishes on positivity and we constantly strive to eliminate all shortcomings that hinder the digital experience.

We are an army of innovators whose aim is to create waves of innovation across industries.

We have constantly been at the forefront of offering the best possible service that would redefine industry standards and to fulfil that we have a team of experts that are ready to transform your business in no time.

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Our endeavour is to devise tailor made solutions that can be modified on the fly as per our client’s needs. The platforms are designed keeping all industry compliance as well as state of the art security parameters in mind.

We constantly strive to fine tune our product offerings so that it assists our clients to position themselves effectively in front of their customers in an engaging manner. Furthermore, each product has its our tracking mechanism that enables our clients to gain valuable insights and learn more about their customers.

Our aim is to simplify communication as well as make it impactful with our marketing and IT tools that would help brands to reach the customers instantaneously.

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