Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger are reported to be the most used social media marketing platforms today. The world of social media encompasses about 3.6 billion active users and all set to go beyond 4 billion by 2025. (ref:

FacebookFacebook advertising is one of the most actively used platforms by advertisers to garner brand attention and push recognition. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others follow suit, making the corporate world buzz with activity.

    My Inbox Media, a leading mass SMS service provider in India, offers niche social media marketing services to its clientele. We are reputed for our creative and ingenious solutions that are powered by digitization. Your brand needs social media marketing because:
  • It helps narrate your story.
  • It helps you connect with your audience and stay connected.
  • Social media pushes your brand to the top of the mind of the audience.
  • The budgets are minimal compared to traditional advertising.
  • You are always updated on the market, your competition, and your audience.

What can we do for your brand through social media marketing?

Our 360-degree multi-prong strategy helps grow the quality of your online audience, driving engagement and boosting productivity. We curate your social media channel strategy, monitor the strategies, moderate and respond to the audience. We also create, post, and share content on your social media handles, help with illustrations and graphic creation, gather data, and evaluate results.

My Inbox Media, a bulk SMS reseller, uses the latest technology advancements to offer upgraded and state-of-art digital marketing business solutions.