Promotional Emails

A promotional email is a commercial broadcast that often offers incentives to increase a company's sales and income. Its purpose includes accelerating the purchasing process, acquiring new or repeat customers, or urging customers to take action. Conversions are often in sales, but they may also be downloads, phone calls, event registrations, or other actions.

Mobile Optimization

Year after year, more people check emails on mobile devices, and your messages should be just as simple to comprehend on the smaller screen. Failure to optimize for mobile customers will harm your sales and unintentionally reduce your reach. We optimize messages for smaller displays and provide mobile-friendly designs through our email hosting services. These capabilities enable smartphone and tablet users to scan emails swiftly.

Dedicated Internet Protocol Address

A dedicated Internet Protocol address is used only by your company to deliver communications. Having your IP address can boost deliverability. This functionality is mainly suited for enterprises that send large numbers of emails. A dedicated IP address might increase deliverability as the company expands.

Automation of Messages

One of the most powerful features of promotional emailsstrong> is email message automation. This feature often allows retail marketers to send promo emails templatestrong> in reaction to a single activity or a series, depending on the rules.

Easy Integration

Email marketing may be most effective when tightly connected with other systems or services. We provide simple APIs or platform extensions that allow email servicesstrong> to be added to an e-commerce platform at the very least. However, chances to combine email services and workflows with mobile applications, social apps, or loyalty programs, to mention a few options, also exist.

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